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Salt semi-finished

Salt semi-finished - Aromi e semilavorati


Semi-finished products in powder based on natural extracts free of MSG.

Naturals dadi in cream without monosodium glutamate: Classic, Vegetables, Fisherman and Mushrooms.

Concentrated bases for sauces:
Concentrated creams made from natural extracts to give taste and flavor to your dishes: Mushrooms, truffles, asparagus, shrimp, mixed rock, smoked salmon, seafood, pizzaiola, capers and olives, artichokes and green sauce.

Aromatic compositions:
Prepared in powder or liquid, concentrated, formulated at the request of the customer based on natural extracts, flavor enhancers, flavors and colors.

Sauces for seasoning:
creams of:
onions/orange, strawberries/vinegar, blueberries/vinegar, tomato jam, chilli jam.

Bechamel cold:
preparation in powder for bechamel, with the possibility of aromatization to various tastes.

Cold milk cream:
Prepared in powder, for use as based of cream for flavoring with the creams concentrated.

Formulations are available on special request of our customers.

Aromi e semilavorati

Aromi e semilavorati

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