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Division of fish

Division of fish - Aromi e semilavorati

Presentation fish
Presentation for fishing industry

How to prepare ready seafood dishes with our semi-finished products.

Ready dishes:

How to make?
With such products?
Recipes application

How to prepare a dish frozen ready
Natural broth:
Obtained from the mixture of broth in powder and cold water.
Is obtained a products seasoned with only natural broth.

Natural sauces pasta
Are diluted with water and oil, or tomato, for the preparation of the based sauce, to which is added IQF fish.
You get a ready meal complete, ready to cook.

Range of products
Natural seasonings
Natural broth
Dehydrated fish in powder
Raw materials

Advantages of our preparations
Our condiments, are used to COLD, allow your company to get a ready plate without having to cook.

Formulations, highly innovative represent a IMMEDIATE ADVANTAGE as they allow you to make an cold assembly with the IQF products frozen before the icing.

We offer NEW OPPORTUNITIES to enter the market immediately, without the need for investment in staff and/or equipment.

A request can be studied "Tailor made" recipes.

All products are made with only natural ingredients with no chemical additives and preservatives.

Application recipes
for the preparation of ready meals:

Ready clams
Ready white seafood
Short sleeves with seafood
Spaghetti with seafood
Mussels and clams
Spaghetti with shrimp and courgette
Short sleeves with tuna, olives and capers spicy
Risotto with seafood
Stuffed cuttlefish gratin
Skewers gratin
Mussels gratin
Sea squid
Peppered mussels
Warm seafood salad
Soutè mussels and clams
Sicilian Swordfish
Octopus rice and potato
Broth to Sambenedettese
Monkfish stew
Fillet of pangasius with smoked salmon cream and shrimp gratin

Request more recipes available in our laboratory

Prepared broth in powder
Natural semi-finished products obtained by mixing natural ingredients and natural extracts

Fish stock
Clam broth
Shellfish broth
Soup with seafood
Sea broth for gratin

Request more recipes available in our laboratory

Natural pasta sauces
Natural prepared fish based. Soluble in water, using cold, for the preparation of seasoning of a dish ready.

Mixed rock
Smoked salmon

Dehydrated fish in powder

Smoked salmon and salmon
Area of ??origin Norway

Raw materials

Natural flavors
Natural extracts of spices
Natural flavor enhancers
Dehydrated spices
Salts calibrated
Upgrade smoking


The labels of our condiments report only natural ingredients.
The absence of chemical additives and preservatives, grants the consumers choice.
Delicious seafood recipes, according to the typical dishes of San Benedetto and national.


Goodas submit to the system of self-control and traceability of its production.
All fish production is accompanied by a single batch to the Certificate of Analysis issued by an accredited laboratory SINAL, stating the characteristics, physical, chemical and microbiological analyzes.


Aromi e semilavorati

Aromi e semilavorati

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